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Inaugural of the Indiana Cancer Center at the city’s hospital.

The Indiana Cancer Centre was opened at the Indiana Hospital on Friday, February 10, the day before Cancer Day was observed.

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Dr. Ali Kumble, chairman of Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute, addressed the crowd and urged everyone to believe that cancer can be cured. Only then will treatment be effective. Before, there was no cure for cancer, but today, the illness is curable with the right care. It is our duty as doctors to inform the patients. Smoking and certain eating habits can cause cancer. We can provide proper care by educating the patients.

Dr. Ramnath Shenoy, an oncologist, stated: “We need to inform cancer patients of the various treatments that are available. The number of cancer patients is rising yearly. Cancer can be completely cured if caught early enough. Cancer incidences can be decreased by regularly exercising for an hour each day. Avoiding alcohol and smoking can both lower cancer risk. Because of its side effects, chemotherapy causes anxiety in a lot of people. After chemotherapy is finished, hair grows normally again.

In order to provide them with comfort and additional guidance, cancer patients were also present for an interaction. Dr. Adhitya, the medical director, was present.

Dr. Shaksha served as the event’s compère, Dr. Ajay gave a welcoming address, and Dr. Apoorva submitted the vote of thanks.

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