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It is not east to be a Woman – Post which has gone viral

A young woman from Mangalore has expressed her ordeal in social media which she had experienced while travelling in a public transport has now gone viral.

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She wrote – 
“Today (14-01-2021) around 3:45pm. i was on my way to pumpwell in Mahesh bus. This fellow (in the picture) climbed bus from K S hegde hospital stop and sat next to me. Acted as if he is busy speaking on phone n started touching me with another hand, i felt uncomfortable and i moved a little but this fellow kept touching me. I shouted at him, after sometime he asked sorry and went backside. I was relieved but then after 3 stops im seeing him getting down from another bus and got into mahesh again and sat beside me. He Repeated the same cheap activity this time i shouted and told him to move to other vacant gents seat but he refuesed. Inspite of me insulting him publicly he started to touch again. Sadly rest of the passengers (oops i can call it as audience) just kept watching us without taking any actions including conductor and driver. I shouted again and i told i will post your picture on social media and make it viral so that you will never do such a activities in your lifetime. Surprisingly, he removed his mask and posed for the picture and said thanks to me.

The reason behind me posting this is to create awareness. bcz it is normal for the woman/girls especially who uses public transportation for their work/college This is not the first time it happend. So many times with different people. Unfortunately, 99% of the womans/ girls doesn’t react either their scared of their dignity or about thinking of future. No law, no cops, no human beings will come and help you instead they will just watch. Like some reality show.

I humbly request with beautiful ladies and brothers out there whoever reading this post. Repost this as much as you can. Also womans/girls stop remaining silent react in this situation orelse those people will do it again with other ladies.”

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