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Itsy Bitsy opens its outlet in Mangaluru

Arts and Crafts group, starting as a hobby,  with  30 plus outlets and e-commerce sites across the nation, has opened its new outlet in Mangaluru. Located in the Kodialbail region of Mangaluru, Itsy Bitsy will be the new hotspot of colour and creativity.

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Starting in 2007, by Harish and Rashmi Closepet  as a small outlet in Bangalore, Itsy Bitsy aimed at making high quality art and craft merchandise available and accessible to everybody in India.Today, Itsy-Bitsy stands proud as the India’s Biggest Retailer for more than 15,000 products sold at the retail stores and online sites through out India. Always on a run to meet the customer demands, keeping in mind the affordability of the merchandise, Itsy Bitsy strives to produce inspirational and out of the box items.

With market trends in mind, this jazzy store meets all the requirements of the customers, building a strong community of regulars.This store is a purely grown business,which makes about 12,00,00,000 handmade flowers each year. This store is a hub of hue and imagination, employing 3,000 plus women from rural areas. 

Itsy Bitsy organizes workshops and events,also carnivals on art and crafts in the country. Now this store has a firm network of 24 stores over 8 cities in our country. Adding to this list the new outlet in Kodialbail, Mangaluru has been inaugurated on this Saturday, by Artist Shanta Prabhu. This unit will sell all types of products like crafting paper, mixed media, candle and soap making, clay craft, DIY kits and stationery.

Itsy Bitsy outlet is placed at Bejai New Road, near Bharat True Value Cars, Kodialbail. Aiming to create vibrance and perk creativity,Itsy Bitsy has started its business in “Namma Kudla”.

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