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Karnataka: 45 % of the population received at least single vaccination dose

As stated by Karnataka National Health Mission- 67.80% of the age group 45 and above and 27.20% of the age 18 & above received the first dose of vaccination in Karnataka. The vaccination coverage is better for the age group 45 & above as the same was extended from April 1st and the immunization is freely available in all the government vaccination centers.

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In Karnataka, 45 percent of the more than 4.9 crore individuals over the age of 18 who are eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination have received at least one shot since the program began. On July 19, a total of 2.7 crore vaccine doses were administered, with 2.2 crores utilized for the initial shot. The second dosage has been taken by almost 54 lakh people.

As per Dr. Sudarshan,Chairperson ,State Covid Technical Advisory Committee, Karnataka is in Phase -1 of the vaccination drive i.e giving shots to the ones seeking whereas entering Phase -2 i.e surveying of people yet to receive jab is the real challenge for the government.

However, operational issues are being administered by the government regarding vaccination supply resulting into large queues . Officials noted that the state’s immunization programs are entirely contingent on supply while recognizing that coverage has to be increased. On most days, coverage in terms of daily dosages remains around 2.5 lakh, but on Sundays, it drops substantially. When supplies run out, daily coverage becomes a source of concern.


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