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Karnataka: A Techie Gives Gifts To Children Queuing At The Raichur Library.

Folks of Raichur, in northern Karnataka, are hesitant to leave their homes during the daytime during the summer months due to the intense heat. The temperature in this part of Karnataka, which borders Andhra Pradesh, frequently exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. Kids, like many of the elderly population, are confined to their homes and, have developed a smartphone addiction. As a result, an engineer has invented a method to assist children in overcoming their addiction and developing a habit of reading books

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Rangarao Desai, a Bengaluru-based engineer, has offered students the opportunity to win rewards if they read a book in an hour.

“I devised a strategy to combat mobile addiction. We remodelled and stored books in a building that belonged to my family. The books are essentially short biographies of prominent people’s lives that rarely exceed 50 pages. So I told the kids that if they could read 50 pages in one hour, they could get a prize. “At the centre, we offer tennis balls, kites, chocolates, caps, and a variety of other items,” he stated.

The library is frequented by around 40 pupils per day, but due to capacity limits, only 20 students are allowed to study at a time, according to Desai. “Many people helped me study during my childhood. Now I’m attempting to assist others,” he explains.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Desai returned to his hometown from Bengaluru since he was able to work from home. In April and May of this year, he built up the library. According to him, the majority of pupils who visit his library are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. “In many situations, their parents leave them alone at home when they go to work early in the morning. A few of them pass the time by playing games on their phones, so this library has assisted them in reducing their mobile dependency. Many of them began reading in order to win prizes, but they have since developed a passion for books,” he remarked.


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