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Karnataka Caps CT Scan , X-Ray Prices

The government of Karnataka on Friday decided to reduce the rate of CT scan and digital X-ray in private hospitals across the state. The demand for this has risen due to the diagnosis of Covid-19.

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The Health and Educational minister said that since CT-scan or X-Ray in private hospitals and labs at Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 250 respectively.

Government has issued an official order validating the latest decision. The order issued by the Additional Chief Secretary stated that in view of the surge in Covid-19 cases in Karnataka, majority of the patients are undergoing High-Resolution CT and Digital X-ray as a diagnostic tool.  Some of the laboratories are charging exorbitant amounts for these tests, putting unreasonable financial burden on the Covid-19 patients. 

The order has made sure that charges would be inclusive of consumables, sanitisation for the patients across age groups.  

The state government had recently approved revised package rates to be charged by private hospitals admitting Covid-19 patients based on referrals made by public health authorities.

The order also stated that a patient getting treated in a general ward can be charged Rs. 5,200 per day while a bed with HDU is fixed at Rs. 8,000 daily. ICUs without ventilators are fixed at Rs.9,750 per day while with ventilators the rate goes up to 11,500 daily.

Karnataka’s active caseloads exceeded five lakh with 49,058 new Covid-19 on Thursday. The last few days witnessed 328 more deaths linked to the pandemic. Bangalore alone had 139 fatalities out of 23,706 fresh cases.

The state capital has touched 8,87,706 infections and 7,145 deaths since March 2020  

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