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Karnataka Govt Cancels Online Liquor Sale Plan

Despite the fact that other states throughout the nation have used online sales and door-to-door delivery of booze to promote sales, Karnataka has “no plans” to do so during the epidemic. The state administration had considered permitting online sales of booze, but Excise Minister informed that this would not be done for the time being.

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Although the current Excise Minister pitched the plan last year, it was not pursued. Currently, the administration is not contemplating it. Prior to the actual Covid wave in 2020, certain countries in the country started online booze sales. At the time, the state Excise Department was considering the proposal. West Bengal, Odisha, Kerala, Punjab, and Delhi are among the states that allow internet sales.


Excise department officials said that they had investigated the online liquor sales model in Maharashtra and West Bengal and found it unfeasible. If anybody must rely on internet delivery, a robust mechanism should be in position. Particularly while there are youngsters at house. According to the officials, the authorities will not be able to carry it out until these issues are addressed. 


The Karnataka High Court recently denied a petition by a private company seeking authorization to sell booze online. According to the Excise Department data, the government received just Rs 1.06 crore in income in April last year, compared to Rs 2,205 crore this year. The authority was able to increase Rs 1,445 crore in income in May, compared to Rs 1,403 crore in the same period last year.

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