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Karnataka govt school to set up butterfly park

A government school in Bantwal taluk decided to build a butterfly park on its campus after their successful experience of growing caterpillars into adult moths/butterflies.

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22 kids from the government higher primary school in Moodambail, Dakshina Kannada district, took part in the project, which was run by the Mumbai-based NGO iNaturewatch Foundation. With the rearing of 52 caterpillars that developed into adults, the school held the top spot in the nation. The charity has now offered to assist the school in creating a butterfly park.

Hi X discovered the caterpillar-rearing project in a social media post and contacted the organizers, according to school administrator Aravinda Kudla. After being briefed on the project’s dos and don’ts, 22 kids from grades six through eight began their hunt for caterpillars in the nearby forests. “We started the project at the end of July and it finished in August. The greatest time to look for caterpillars is during the monsoon season. 52 of the 70 caterpillars that the participating kids gathered developed into adults. Children were given the chance to participate in practical training and gain early exposure to research through the initiative. Our school was chosen as the one with the greatest percentage of caterpillars that were raised, hatched, and turned into butterflies or moths.

Students took notes about the plant where caterpillars were discovered throughout the assignment. The caterpillars were also fed leaves from the same plants. They also took photographs of different discoveries and caterpillar transformations with the assistance of the professors. The findings were forwarded to the organizers for further investigation.

According to Aravinda, Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi, also referred to as the moth lady of India, created the NGO. The project’s idea had been hers. “After learning about our passions, the foundation has offered to assist us in creating the butterfly park. It will offer a variety of butterfly-attracting saplings. The work will begin soon”, he said. Moreover, Eight acres make up the campus. Additionally, the school received the Wipro Earthian 2020 Annual Award, which was given under the Wipro Earthian Sustainability Development Project.

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