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Karnataka – Teachers and Students will be vaccinated before reopening

COVID Third Wave: According to the Karnataka Chief Minister, an academic group has made several important recommendations regarding children’s safety, medical oxygen supply, and post-COVID health concerns. According to the CM, colleges will only open if students and teachers are fully vaccinated. “The suggestion is clear: we must vaccinate students and professors and then open colleges” 

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The Karnataka government held an important meeting with the expert committee, taking the experts’ warnings seriously and stating that children and academics will be given priority in receiving vaccines before the state’s schools and colleges reopen. 


“The government is considering reopening medical, engineering, and other degree colleges first, following a vigorous strategy to vaccinate students and professors in these institutions.” They are still deciding how and when to open schools. The Chief Minister gave more information, stating that a detailed meeting with an expert panel was held on Tuesday to manage the third wave of COVID-19. The Committee made important recommendations on child safety considerations, the availability of medical oxygen, and post-COVID health issues. 


The Expert Committee also advised that schools and colleges be opened. Vaccination is a priority for children and teachers, according to the chief minister. On Monday, the Karnataka administration added six more districts to the 17 unlocked 2.0 districts, allowing hotels, gyms, and public transportation buses to reopen using COVID-19 curbs

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