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Karnataka universities directed to postpone exams but continue classes

The Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Higher Education, Dr CN Ashwathnarayan on Friday, directed all colleges and universities in Karnataka to continue classes for all even semester undergraduate programs, adding that since there is a carryover system for most programs, the odd semester exams can be held once the pandemic is under control.

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Vice-Chancellors and Principals of institutions have been directed to consult the Karnataka State Higher Education Council and solve issues regarding lack of carryover system in professional courses or engineering. However, in the case of postgraduate programs, it was observed that admissions for the first semester were delayed due to the pandemic whereas most universities and colleges completed classes for the third semester. Thereby, exams will be carried over for these courses and classes for the even semesters will continue. 

Dr CN Ashwathnarayan has clarified that he will discuss the situation with the Vice-Chancellors and Karnataka State Higher Education Council in order to frame new guidelines to be implemented in all colleges and universities. 

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