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Karnataka will regulate the sale of Covid-19 self-testing kits

The government issued a circular in reaction to the unregulated sale and use of home-testing kits, the results of which are frequently not properly reported to authorities. The idea is to keep track of how many kits are sold in the state and how many people test positive after purchasing them. Then they consult experts to determine what steps the government can take to get the test findings released.

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Authorities in Karnataka have no idea how many RT-PCR and RAT self-testing kits are sold each day in the state. Carrying and forwarding agencies, as well as distributors, must now keep track of the number of kits they have received and sold.

The Indian Medical Stores Association (IMSA) has formed an officer-led task team to gather sales data from medical store owners every day by 6 p.m. Those selling the kits must also advise purchasers that they must download the manufacturer’s app and upload their test results. “If (customers) test positive, they must consult their doctor or the nearest government hospital.”

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