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 KMC Hospital Came Up With Special Father’s Day Health Packages

KMC Hospital, has taken the initiative to offer two special health packages on the occasion of World Father’s Da — Father’s Day Spine Package and Father’s Day Health Check Package, for all fathers to help stay in best of health.

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It is estimated that eight in 10 people suffer from back pain sometime during their lifetime. It is a fact that parenting introduces your body, particularly the spine, to a whole new range of activities. From lifting and carrying incorrectly, to waking up at odd hours, poor posture and ergonomics, to sedentary lifestyle, a number of factors lead to back and spine issues for men (read, fathers).

The Spine Health package is hence, introduced at a heavily discounted price to encourage fathers to come up and get a health check-up done of their spine. The package will cover various tests, consultation and physiotherapy for fathers suffering from back and spinal issues.

Similarly, the hospital is also introducing Father’s Day Health Check Package with the aim of encouraging fathers to make health their number one priority. The heavily discounted package for fathers will include various services and consultation by internal medicine doctors. To avail the health packages, fathers can call on +91-9448254700 to book an appointment.

“Managing growing children during their adolescent years is difficult. Balancing employment and keeping up with personal, family and societal responsibilities cause mental stress. To cope with stress, many people turn to alcohol or cigarettes, which can lead to a variety of health problems. Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, we are seeing a surge in health issues, such as heart-related diseases, spinal and respiratory diseases, liver ailments, diabetes, headaches, and psychological-emotional disorders, among fathers. Our goal, this Father’s Day, is to promote health check-ups among fathers, and to remind them that their health comes first.” said Saghir Siddiqui, regional chief operating officer, KMC Hospital, Mangaluru.

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