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Mangaluru’s Mangala swimming pool reopens

Adhering to the covid-19 precautionary norms the Mangaluru City Corporation(MCC) run Mangala swimming pool has started to operate on Monday. The public and swimming enthusiasts were overjoyed by this news as Mangala swimming pool is the most frequented hotspot during the summertime.

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As per the DC of MCC, the individuals are given entry into the swimming pool only if they submit a medical certificate.Similarly membership is given to those who show their ID card and entry tickets will not be sold at the swimming pool till further notice. Wearing masks is mandatory when one is off the pool and social distancing has to be maintained when swimming in the pool.Strict action and cancellation of the membership will be the result in case of violation of any of these covid norms.

Pools are to remain closed on Sundays till the higher authorities give permission. This lockdown upset many of the students and swimming enthusiasts due to the cease in the swimming pool activities.Moreover Mangala swimming pool always peaked with numerous people, especially during hot Mangalorean Summer.Activities for kids, camps to beat the heat were on the common agenda of Mangala swimming pool every year.

Covid -19 initiated lockdown led to termination of all pool activities starting from March 13th. Prior to Covid crisis this pool fetched Rs. 40 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs annually. The Summer season alone raised Rs.13 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs of which Rs.1.5 lakh is used for the pool maintenance monthly.Also the 13 personnel working in this pool suffered adversely due to the pandemic.

Now due to the advent of normal activities the swimming clubs have demanded to reopen the swimming pools across the district including the pools at NITK,Fisheries,hotel moti mahal and the new pool at St. Aloysius college. Following the set precautionary guidelines now everyone in the district can curb the heat as well  covid.

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