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Mangalore Gears Up for a Weeklong Literary and Art Extravaganza

Mangalore, a coastal city known for its rich culture and heritage, is set to witness a delightful  convergence of literature, art, culture, and science. The eagerly anticipated Mangalore  Literature and Art Festival, presented by CFAL (Centre For Advanced Learning) in collaboration  with ELC (Early Learning Centre), promises a week of intellectual exploration and cultural  celebration. The festival is scheduled to commence on October 21 and will run until October  28, 2023. 

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At the heart of this festival lies a profound appreciation for literature and the pivotal role it  plays in shaping the minds of the young generation. The event endeavors to create a nurturing  environment for literary creativity and scientific curiosity, urging professionals from various  domains to come together and share their unique insights and perspectives. The festival  boasts a diverse lineup of accomplished authors, poets, researchers, and experts who will  engage attendees through book readings, interactive sessions, hands-on workshops, and  captivating cultural performances. 

District Commissioner, Mullai Muhilan M P, IAS, “The Mangalore Literature and Art Festival is  a platform for the celebration of knowledge and culture, fostering creativity and intellectual  interactions. A society that values literature, art, and science is a society that values progress.  Let us embrace and partake in this festival as a source of inspiration.” 

Vijay Moras, Program Coordinator at ELC/CFAL, echoes this sentiment, stating, “Hosting a  Literature and Art Festival within our institution embodies our commitment to nurturing a  deep love for learning, transcending boundaries. Through this platform, we aspire to bring  people, especially children, face to face with authors, artists, and scientists. We believe this  immersive experience has the potential to kindle a lifelong passion for reading, art, and  science.” 

The Mangalore Literature Festival aspires to be a haven that fosters a deep love for literature  and ideas. It extends a warm invitation to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging  them to immerse themselves in a world of transformative narratives and fresh perspectives. 

Event Highlights: 

  1. Distinguished Speakers: An illustrious lineup of literary luminaries, including Jerry Pinto,  Roopa Pai, David Rosario, Nandita Jayaraj, Poorva Agarwal, Subhas Chandra Basu, and more. 
  2. Thought-Provoking Discussions: Engaging dialogues spanning a wide range of topics, from  contemporary issues to cutting-edge literary works. 
  3. Interactive Workshops: Sessions designed to spark your imagination and nurture new ideas  and skills.
  4. Cultural Extravaganza: A vibrant showcase of Karnataka’s rich culture, featuring music, art,  and a captivating theatrical performance by Mangalore-based theatre group Kalabhi. 
  5. Youth and Children’s Corner: An opportunity to inspire the next generation of writers,  readers, scientific thinkers, and nature enthusiasts, with specially curated programs for  children and young adults. 

The Mangalore Literature and Art Festival is a celebration of the written word, an exploration  of creativity, and an invitation to discover the transformative power of literature and art. 

Date: 21 October – 28 October 

Venue: CFAL and ELC campuses, Mangalore 

Registration is now open at 

For inquiries, and further information, please contact ELC front desk:  


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