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Mangalorean Jawan And Wife Names Their Daughter Sainya And The Internet Celebrates It

Even before an infant is born, the “name confusion” begins. Which letter should the name start with? What should it mean? Should we take suggestions from this person or the other one? But for army official, Prashantha GS who is currently posted at Jammu, and his wife Asha, they knew that their daughter would be named Saiyna.

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What they did not know and neither did expect was that their choice of name for their newborn would have  social networking sites flooding with news about it and that there would be articles celebrating this. 

The mother of the infant, Asha explained that as a family, the Indian Army is of paramount importance to them and when it came to naming their then unborn child, they knew that if it was going to be Sainika if it were a boy and Saiyna for a girl. Naming their child Saina was their attempt to make sure that their child grew up in the patriotic spirit and in turn will help her serve the nation. In addition to this meaning, the first three letters also stands for Lord Sai Baba to whom they are devoted to. 

On May 10, 2020, Sainya was born at the Army Hospital in Delhi. Unfortunately, the pandemic hindered their return to Asha’s house in Hebri for a month. They returned home in June and the naming ceremony was conducted on June 16, 2020. 

The father, Prashantha GS who hails from Guddekeri in Agumbe has been serving in the Indian Army for the past 19 years. He has returned to his duty in July and speaks with his family whenever he can.  He mentioned that it came as a shock to him how the news of his daughter’s name created such a wave on social media. 

As Asha narrated how her daughter’s name became famous, she says that it was her friend ,Sunita Shankar who uploaded a post on Facebook. Then Abhishek Shetty, who works for a local channel shared the news on their Facebook page and within no time it was everywhere. They never wanted or expected any of this to be celebrated so much and neither did they want any sort of publicity. Things just took it’s course, she recounts.  

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