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Mangalorean Kid Aaron Mendes Wins Gold At FIDE World School Chess Championship 2022

Nine-year-old young charm from Mangalore Aaron Mendes strikes away his king in his chess battle at Panama, Aaron Reeve Mendes has created another achievement to his bag by winning a Gold medal in the Under 11 Open category at the FIDE World School Chess Championship 2022.

Aaron won against the national champions of Mongolia, Peru, Columbia, Mexico, and Ecuador to conquer his championship. The FIDE World School Chess Championship, which was held in Panama from June 10 to June 19, 2022, is a prestigious chess tournament with 489 participants from 37 countries.

The Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) supported Aaron in his training and CFC Youth Coordinator Christina Tao congratulated him on his accomplishment.

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In April 2022, Aaron claimed two titles in a single event – he came first in the U1600 category and won the Blitz tournament in the Open category in the 2022 Kingston Easter Chess Tournament. In May 2022, He secured third place in the 2022 Ontario U2200 Open. Aaron also won many other CFC-rated OTB tournaments in Canada.

Aaron is an alumnus of Mount Carmel Central School and a student of St Alberta of Jerusalem. At the age of 5, Aaron became interested in chess and was trained at Derik’s Chess School in Mangaluru. Aaron’s personal dedication and hard work, combined with excellent chess coaching from his mentors, have helped him to achieve this feat and be the highest CFC-rated Canadian chess player in his age category.

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