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Mangaloreans has a soft spot for – Neer Dosa!

A popular dosa variation prepared with rice batter hails from the Udupi and Mangalore cuisine. A pride of Udupi-Mangalore cuisine is popular all over world. This is one breakfast item that is prepared at least 3 days in a week in Udupi Mangalore and surrounding regions. it is a simple, easy and quick morning breakfast recipe, without the hassle of urad dal batter. it is famously served with coconut based gravies like Kori Gassi, Channa Gassi, but also tastes great with Spicy Kara Chutney too.

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Neer dosa literally meaning water dosa in Tulu Language. Making Neeru dosa can be as simple as drinking Neeru(water)🙂if you follow the correct measurements and add right quantity of ‘water'(Neeru) to dosa batter.

Traditionally Preparation of Neer Dosa is done using a cast iron skillet and people say it tastes best when prepared in this skillet.

The texture is smooth and very soft, they melt in your mouth. Even kids enjoy this Neer Dosa. They look like these cutely folded lace handkerchiefs. Unlike regular dosas, you will need to indulge in more number of dosas to fill your tummy and you lose your count in the process.

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