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Mangaluru International Airport kickstarts work on ‘The Airport Village’

Mangaluru: Mangaluru International Airport has embarked on a forward-looking futuristic project on the landside which will transform the contours of this travel hub. Dubbed the ‘Airport village’, the project will strive to redefine the way this airport is perceived. Work on the first phase of this project that is coming up in the forecourt of the airport on the lower ground floor has commenced. This will provide diverse food and beverage, retail and gaming opportunities to name a few, for all enthusiasts.

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Hitherto, majority of the aforesaid options at the airport were available for passengers and those with access to the terminal. The airport village will change this dynamic by providing this very experience to all who frequent the airport, including city dwellers. The airport village in the space earmarked for it in the forecourt on the lower ground floor will transform into a fun space like mall or beaches that city dwellers frequent, thereby elevating the experience of the visit to this #GatewayToGoodness.

“The airport village will cater to the needs of not just the thousands of travelers who use the airport daily, but also their friends and family who come to receive and see them off,” the airport spokesperson said. The airport village offers versatile space requirement for business looking forward to setting shop here. “On completion, it will not just become a focal point for travelers, but also strive to attract people from the city with dining and gaming zone that has been mooted,” the spokesperson noted.

What makes this airport village project exciting is the fact that it has been seamlessly dovetailed into the overall development plans that the airport has envisaged as part of the master plan. “The whole focus of the master plan will be on creating unique curated experience which will not only elevate the travel experience, but also give others the opportunity to soak in the vibrant atmosphere that airports globally strive to provide,” the spokesperson explained.

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