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MCC issues fresh guidelines to curb Covid third wave fear

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A conference led by the MCC commissioner and attended by heads of various educational institutions was held at Mangala Auditorium on Tuesday, November 30, to effectively curb the fear of the COVID-19 third wave within the limits of Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), as per a media release from the MCC commissioner.

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As per the press release, students visiting Mangaluru city from Maharashtra and Kerala would be required to take an RT-PCR test. After a seven-day interval, they must put themselves through the exam again. For two months, all cultural programs scheduled at educational institutions must be postponed. All workshops, conferences, and seminars organized by educational institutions must be held online. It is necessary to verify that all pupils have received two doses of the anti-COVID vaccination. Students and travelers from Maharashtra and Kerala must submit RT-PCR test results that are no more than 72 hours old.

Between December 12 and 27, medical and paramedical students from Maharashtra and Kerala will be required to take RT-PCR examinations. Daily commuters from Kerala who come to Mangaluru for employment or school are required to take the RT-PCR test once every 14 days and submit a negative report. If many occurrences are recorded at the same time in a college, the pupils will be treated according to the COVID-19 criteria. Primary contacts of infected people who have negative test results will be confined for seven days before being submitted to an RT-PCR test to ensure a negative result.

Nodal officer for COVID in the district and corporation health official corporation Covid and the malaria nodal officer, DSO, as well as the heads of several educational institutions, attended the conference.

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