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MCC To Conduct Survey On Conversion Of Parking Space Into Commercial Phase

The Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) has decided to carry out a survey with the intention of assessing the number of buildings that have converted reserved parking spaces into commercial spaces. It has been found out that approximately 100 buildings in the city have converted reserved parking spaces into commercial areas. Due to these changes, most often people have little to no parking space at all in buildings and therefore are forced to park their vehicles on the roadside. Parking on the roadside has now become very common and has led to immense inconvenience for vehicles traveling on the road as it has considerably reduced the space available on roads. 

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It so happened that when the city police were ensuring that people don’t illegally park, citizens complained about lacking parking spaces in the city. Another similar instance was when a video of a youth holding a one-man protest against his vehicle being towed, went viral. The youth claimed that his vehicle was seized when he was withdrawing money from the ATM at the State Bank Bus Terminal. In the light of these events, the Mangalore City Police have turned in a comprehensive report of 50 buildings that have converted their parking spaces to commercial spaces. 

According to Mangalore City Corporation Commissioner, a notice has been sent to all building owners who have converted the reserved parking spaces and mentioned that strict action will be taken against those who have failed to follow the parking space norm. However, some of those buildings are really old and therefore have lost approach roads to their parking spaces, as a result of the MCC acquiring land for the widening of roads. Furthermore, in some other buildings, the parking areas are too small. Therefore, notices will have to be sent only after a thorough study has been done about the parking spaces and approach roads to the same. 

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