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MCC To Impose Penalties If Waste Is Not Segregated

The traders in Mangalore city have been warned by the Mangalore City Corporation(MCC) against mixing wet and dry waste in their premises. They have been told to segregate waste into wet and dry in order that they can be properly disposed of. Ashy Sridhar, the MCC Commissioner informed that those traders who do not follow the rules will risk losing their license which will be cancelled. In addition to this rule, residents have also been advised to use not plastic containers when handing over segregated waste in order that usage of plastic can be controlled. 

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Acknowledging that falling in line with a new system does take time, the MCC has given a grace period of one week. After this period, those waste from residents who have not segregated it according to the rules will not be collected. 

On all days except Friday, wet waste and sanitary waste will be collected while dry waste will be collected on Friday. All these rules were published to the residents in a public notice by the Commissioner. 

The waste segregation programme commenced on the day of Gandhi Jayanthi and the MCC had requested the citizens to cooperate to the same. Unfortunately, many residents, traders and apartments had paid no heed to the rules. Despite making arrangements for separate vehicles for collection of wet and waste, reluctance to follow guidelines was noticed. This led to the MCC deciding that penalties must be imposed as a stricter measure. The penalties can range from Rs. 1,000 to Rs 25,000 under the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, 1976 as well as the MCC’s bylaws on waste management. 

The guidelines also state shopping malls, apartments and other large scale waste generators must have their own on site composting units and process waste generated in their own premise. However they can continue handing over segregated waste to the authorities till these new machines are ready for use. 

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