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MCC to process 200 tonnes of Bio waste daily using Black soldier fly technology

Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has taken a significant step towards efficient waste management by adopting the innovative Black Soldier Fly (BSF) technology to process 200 tonnes of biowaste generated daily. In an effort to alleviate pressure on the corporation and achieve cost savings, MCC has awarded a five-year contract to Ento Proteins Private Limited, a company specializing in utilizing BSF technology to convert wet waste into high-quality manure. The contract also includes the provision for a possible extension of two more years, contingent on satisfactory performance.

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The decision to adopt BSF technology was based on a successful pilot project conducted by MCC in 2021, which demonstrated promising results in waste processing and resource recovery. This environmentally-friendly method utilizes the voracious appetite of the Black Soldier Fly larvae to rapidly decompose organic waste, producing nutrient-rich manure that can be used in various agricultural applications.

Under the terms of the contract, Ento Proteins Private Limited will process 200 tonnes of wet waste per day at the designated site in Pachanady, which spans across 10 acres of land provided by the city corporation. Remarkably, the company has offered an incredibly low service charge of only Re 1 per tonne, making the project economically viable and advantageous for MCC.

MCC Commissioner K Channabasappa expressed his optimism regarding the implementation of this innovative waste management approach. He emphasized that the utilization of BSF technology not only presents a sustainable solution to the growing problem of biowaste but also offers considerable cost savings for the city corporation. By converting the wet waste into valuable manure, the project aligns with MCC’s objective of promoting a circular economy and reducing the burden on conventional waste disposal methods.

The introduction of the BSF technology heralds a new era in waste management for Mangaluru City Corporation. By embracing sustainable and cost-effective practices, the corporation aims to set an example for other cities in the region to follow. As the contract with Ento Proteins Private Limited commences, the city corporation looks forward to the positive environmental impact, improved resource recovery, and the prospect of achieving a greener and cleaner Mangaluru.

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