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MCC: To take up Road-widening shortly

In partnership with Mangaluru Smart City Ltd., the Mangaluru City Corporation Commissioner announced on Thursday that a 2.5-kilometer stretch of the former NH 75 between Bhagwan Mahaveer Circle (Pumpwell) and Padil will be extended. He was responding to a query from members of the Opposition in this regard during today’s MCC Council meeting. As per the MCC Commissioner, the road would be extended to 18 meters for Rs 30 crore.

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The councilor urged MCC to continue its eviction drive against unauthorized petty shop vendors encroaching upon public spaces, including footpaths and roads. Work commencement was delayed as the work of shifting the drinking water main pipeline from Thumbe to the city as well as underground drainage lines had to be shifted. The shifting work would cost MCC about 12 crores.

Before officially establishing ward committees, the corporation will hold workshops for members and councilors. At the session, a roadmap for the ward’s overall development would be presented. In addition to the current 25 lakh development grant, MCC has agreed to award an extra 25 lakh development grant per councilor.

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