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Mechanical engineer creates a one-of-a-kind areca farm on a hillside

A mechanical engineer from Haleneranki, approximately 50 kilometers from Mangalore, near Ramakunja in Puttur, has devised a smart technology for his areca farm. For the past six months, Shivaprasad Ijjavu, 29, has been producing roughly 4,000 areca plants on his 13-acre hillside property and has successfully constructed a drip irrigation system.

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Maintaining an areca farm with at least 4,000 seedlings takes roughly 5-10 employees, but thanks to modern technology, the farm can now be managed by one person. They can complete the work in one hour with the current method. This system also ensures that each plant receives an equal amount of fertilizer.

Shivaprasad is credited with constructing the region’s first of its kind. He has also built a 5-lakh liter water tank that can supply water to 20,000 plants in one hour. A seven-day task may be completed in two days, saving time and money. He is now employed in the construction industry, but he hopes to transition to growing vegetables and fruits in the future.

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