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Mescom to Establish 1000 Charging Points for Electric Vehicles in the Next Five Years

The Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (Mescom) has announced its plans to open 1000 charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) over the next five years. This decision comes as the sale of EVs has witnessed a significant increase following the announcement of a free electricity scheme for the public by the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government.

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Mescom has already awarded the contract for establishing EV stations in Dakshina Kannada, Shivamogga, and Chikkamagaluru districts to the Bengaluru-based Medical Systems Company. However, as of now, no contract has been awarded for the Udupi district. The initial phase will see the opening of 195 charging centers on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, which will also offer charging facilities for electric cars.

Presently, there are 61 charging centers operating under the jurisdiction of Mescom. Out of these, 17 are located in Dakshina Kannada, 12 in Udupi, 17 in Shivamogga, and 12 in Chikkamagaluru districts.

With the increasing number of charging centers, there is a strong possibility that consumers will increasingly opt for electric vehicles in the coming days. The availability of a more extensive charging infrastructure network is expected to encourage the adoption of EVs, as it provides a convenient and accessible means to charge electric vehicles for residents in these regions.

The move by Mescom is aligned with the growing global trend towards sustainable transportation and aims to support the transition to electric vehicles in the region. By expanding the charging infrastructure, Mescom intends to address the charging needs of EV owners, ultimately promoting the use of cleaner and greener modes of transportation.

The establishment of additional charging points is expected to alleviate concerns regarding range anxiety and the availability of charging facilities, which have been identified as barriers to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Mescom’s initiative will contribute to the development of a more robust and inclusive EV ecosystem, facilitating the growth of the electric vehicle market in the region.

As the infrastructure expands and more charging points become operational, it is anticipated that the demand for electric vehicles will continue to rise, resulting in a cleaner and more sustainable future for transportation in the Mescom area.

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