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Mangaluru: In an unswerving endeavour to be a stakeholder-centric airport, Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) on December 8 added yet another facility for passengers and visitors in the parking area. While you wait for your loved ones or see them off, your car in the parking lot gets a quick exterior wash, which most importantly is light on the wallet thanks to CleanCart, which comes with the tagline, Future of green cleaning.

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CleanCart uses just 1.5 litres of water to wash the car in around 20 minutes, and this adds to the green and sustainability quotient of MIA. The portable CleanCart has a 40-litre tank, and this is enough to wash 25 cars in one filling. Most importantly for the customer, CleanCart comes to the place where the vehicle is parked, and the staff dust, wash, and dry it for them. The service also includes a special polish for the tyres.

The company also uses a special eco-friendly formulation to clean the car. SMS notification keeps the customer abreast of the progress of the cleaning and gives them the leeway to go about their work even as the vehicle is getting a clean makeover. The car-friendly wipes used to dry the car are squeezed into a separate compartment in the same cart. This dirty water is then drained from the cart in an environmentally friendly way.

The service is ideal for passengers who park their cars overnight or for longer durations and may schedule a car wash according to their convenience and be notified about it. At present, the service is available at this #GatewayToGoodness from 10 a.m. to 7pm. This is also in line with the consistent effort on the part of the airport operator to give passengers a new experience and add value to the time they spend at this facility.

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