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Next Academic Year For Karnataka Board To Start From May 16th

  Karnataka state board syllabus classes will start from May 16th instead of lagging it till June. This is to compensate for learning loss over the past two academic years due to the pandemic, summer holidays have been cut short this year for all schools in Karnataka. 

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  The Department of Public Instruction has declared the academic year 2022–23 as a “learning improvement year” (Kalika Chetarike Varsha). “Over the last two years, despite our best efforts to ensure the continuation of education through online and other means, students have suffered learning loss, as classes could be held only for 50-60% of the academic year,” the order from the DPI said.

   A learning improvement programme module to bridge this learning gap will be taught along with the syllabus of the current academic year, without affecting the teaching of the current year’s syllabus, the circular issued on Thursday said.

  The academic year will begin on May 16 and the first term will end on October 2, which will be followed by a Dasara break till October 16. The second term, starting on October 17, will conclude on April 10, 2023. The academic year will get 228 days of teaching days.

  The circular also plans for contingency if physical classes are again disrupted due to the pandemic. “We need to ensure learning is not disrupted and no child is denied education. All alternative modes, including online, television, radio, and Vidyagama must be activated. A separate circular will be issued, if need be,” the circular stated.

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