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Night Curfew Imposed in Karnataka

As per orders from Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, night curfew will be imposed in the state of Karnataka starting from 10 in the night till 6 in the morning. This curfew will go on till the 2nd of January. As a result of the news of a new and more dangerous strain of the coronavirus spreading in different parts of the globe has been circulating, the state government has decided to heed to the advice given by the centre about being extra cautious in such perilous times. This imposition of curfew also indicates that there shall in no way be any public celebrations related to neither Christmas nor New Year’s.

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The dangers of the already existing variant of COVID-19 was set to increase with the onset of winter as one of the main problems patients suffering from the virus experienced was respiratory issues which generally increase during the winter months. One can only imagine how much stronger this new variant of the coronavirus is. Therefore precautions are necessary. 

The chief minister also spoke to the media about all international travellers having to produce their RT-PCR negative test results which were taken at least 72 hours before their arrival. Furthermore, in order to ensure that the spread is well contained, the government has also been making arrangements for conducting RT-PCR testing in the airports itself with extreme priority being given to Mangalore and Bangalore International Airports. 

With the aforementioned precautions, the government hopes to contain the spread of the new variant of COVID-19 and break the chain. 

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