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No 2nd Dose Vaccination certificate No Entry to Malls

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As per DC’s strict order Malls in the city are following guidelines on allowing only fully vaccinated persons inside the mall! Forum Fiza Mall & City Centre Mall have also made arrangements on getting vaccinated on Spot inside Malls  Make sure you carry Vaccination Certificate, else get Vaccinated. 

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While the Karnataka government has made having a double vax certificate essential for staff of hotels, malls, government offices, and swimming pools, the Technical Advisory Committee has advised making it mandatory for the general public. The TAC has proposed a vaccination requirement for access to public facilities in the state, based on the Gujarat model. In Gujarat, the daily COVID-19 count surpassed 40 for the first time in over four months in the second week of November, with no fatalities reported. Gujarat forbade unvaccinated persons from accessing public facilities as a precaution.

For inspections at the entrance to public facilities, anyone over the age of 18 must have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or an e-copy. If we want to reduce disease and fatalities, they need to do something similar, remarked an expert at the latest TAC conference. With the rise in clusters and the fear of the Omicron variation, experts believe it’s prudent to be equipped with both doses of vaccine to at least reduce the severity of the illness.

As per the chairman of Aasra Hospital, vaccine breakout cases are less severe than those who are not vaccinated. With only 57% of the state’s population having taken the second dosage, the situation might deteriorate if the new variety is introduced. The coverage for the first dosage is around 90%. Vaccination demand is also decreasing. The state administration must carefully enforce the two-dose vaccination regulation for the usage of public facilities, as per TAC specialists, to prevent the pandemic.


  • Public buses, Metro 
  • Swimming pools
  • Pubs and bars
  • Hotels, lodges
  • Cinema halls, auditoria
  • Shopping complexes, malls
  • Libraries
  • Zoos and biological parks
  • Exhibitions
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