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No lockdown in the state, people spreading rumors will face consequences

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There is no proposal of lockdown in any state. Legal action will be initiated against those spreading false news that the state is being locked down, says the Health Minister, Dr. Sudhakar.

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Speaking to reporters, he said people are already in distress. Thousands of young people have already lost their jobs. Business trading is accelerating. It should not be unnecessarily confusing. Corona’s new variant, Omicron, is spreading in many countries and the state is taking all sorts of steps to prevent Covid infection. But some people are spreading false news about being locked down on social networking sites. A social networking site does not need to create confusion among people to convey the good news. With all kinds of action being taken in the state, the Corona and Delta virus has caused quite a few casualties. However, the prevalence of infection is not affected. Yet people are not alone. Sudhakar requested that everyone be cautious.

A meeting of Health Department officials has been convened tomorrow to discuss the Covid mutant infection. The Chief Minister has spoken with the Technical Advisory Committee and also brought them to tomorrow’s meeting. The variant has now been found in 12 countries. International flights are coming and all the checking is very carefully. This virus is spreading very quickly. But the virus is not spreading so horribly. The symptoms of this virus are vomiting and tiredness. There is no sign of fatigue. If the delta is sewn it does not spread fast enough. So we have to be careful.

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