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Online Applications Made Mandatory In Karnataka To Transport Cattle

It has been made mandatory to apply online for transportation of cattle of any kind in the state. Farmers or those who rear cattle have to apply online to transport the cattle. In addition, they have to seek the permission of district deputy director of animal husbandry department and certificate from veterinary doctor. The farmers have to upload the photo of cow and Aadhar card of concerned farmer or owner of the cattle.

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Some conditions have to be still adhered to once the permission is granted for use of cattle for domestic purposes or agriculture. If the cattle need to be transferred to a distance of fewer than 10 km, there is no need to pay any fee. However, if the cattle are to be transferred to any distance beyond 10 km then a fee per km needs to be paid.

The cattle can be used only for the dairy or agricultural activities of farmers. No permission will be granted to transport cows, calf, oxen and bulls of any age to slaughterhouses. Only one or two cows can be transported in one vehicle. In addition, the vehicle in which the cows are being transported needs to be mandatorily registered with the animal husbandry department. It is mandatory to provide food and medical aid to the cattle during transportation.

Any violation of the rules will result in punishment from three to seven years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 50,000 to five lakhs.

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