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Operation Suraksha To Keep An Eye Out For Tipplers, Make City Safer

Operation Suraksha by the Mangalore City Police to keep a watchful eye out for tipplers on roadsides. Tipplers are people who habitually consume alcohol. While this exclusively doesn’t become a problem, their presence at unreasonable hours in the dark and lurking about on the roadside is what Operation Suraksha is hoping to curb. This service was launched on Sunday with the intention of ensuring that tipplers don’t cause nuisance towards law-abiding citizens.

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According to city police commissioner Shashi Kumar, approximately 100 people were picked up during the area domination exercise. Authorities then verified their credentials and questioned them. Furthermore, those who seem suspicious, drink in cars, gardens, parks, open stadiums, bus stands, railway stations, and any such open space will be picked up. 

This exercise was a result of consistent complaints from citizens of the Mangalore city who were troubled by tipplers. Some officials involved in this exercise include DCP (Law and Order) Hariram Shankar and DCP (Crime and Traffic) Vinay A Gaonkar. They were accompanied by ACPS, 10 officers, and another 50 staff members. This checking of tipplers will be constant activity and once taken to the station, they will be asked to produce a verification identity card. Those taken to the police station in the first exercise were asked to produce the same after which their family members were notified of their location. They were let off the hook easily as it was the first time. Therefore, a warning was seen to be enough for now. 

City police commissioner Shashi Kumar also said that exercises similar to those mentioned above will take place at least twice or thrice a week so as to ensure that it is indeed effective and that people take it seriously.

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