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Parents and students are worried over the possible closure of Edu campuses

Mangaluru: Covid-In Dakshina Kannada educational institutions, 19 cases have been reported, raising fear and dread among parents, students, and staff. The state government’s threat to discontinue offline classes if the situation worsens is even more concerning. Parents expressed their disappointment with the fact that instances were identified on campuses just as academic learning was beginning and the situation was returning to normal after an 18-month hiatus.

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A parent expressed concern that the shutdown of schools and colleges would have major ramifications for students. Many students are reportedly skipping school due to a common cold or seasonal flu. Belthangady Taluk, the coordinator of the block resource center, mentioned there is a little drop in attendance because parents are not sending their sick children. “The classroom environment was essentially identical to what it had been before the epidemic.” Students, parents, and professors are concerned about the possibility of educational institutions being closed as a result of an increase in Covid cases caused by new virus types.

Moodbidri, the principal of Alva’s College, stated that students are certain that they do not want another wave of COVID-19 to disturb their studies. They are not mentally prepared to face the possibility of the college closing down once more. At this hour, academic learning is practically back to normal, and students are studying for exams and projects.

Another government school instructor criticized statements made by state government politicians that have alarmed parents and children. It’s preferable if the government makes cautious pronouncements, particularly when it comes to schools and institutions. It has caused dissatisfaction among parents and pupils. Although there are just a few cases reported in the state, it is presented as a significant COVID-19 outbreak, which is not a good development, “a teacher remarked.

As per the DDPI, no cases of COVID-19 have been reported among students. If schools close down again, students will be unhappy, and they do not want that to happen.

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