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Pilikula Biological Park receives rare endangered jackal and other animals through exchange program

Pilikula Biological Park in Mangalore, Karnataka, has welcomed several new animals as part of an animal exchange program with Rajkot Zoological Park. The exchange saw Pilikula Biological Park receive an Asiatic lion, two wolves, a golden jackal, a comb duck, a silver pheasant, and a golden pheasant from Rajkot Zoological Park, while in return, four wild dogs, a leopard, two civet cats, four reticulated pythons, four mountain snakes, vine snakes, and sand boa were sent to Rajkot.

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The newly arrived animals have been quarantined for a period to help them adjust to their new environment before being publicly displayed. According to park officials, the jackal is an endangered species that is rarely seen in India. The park authorities have reported that the endangered wild dogs and the hyena are breeding well in their new environment. The animal exchange program helps to maintain genetic diversity in animal populations in zoos across the country.

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