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Proposal to use Yakshagana, folklore to create electoral awareness: Udupi

Art has been used to convey messages since the beginning of human civilization. Yakshagana is one of the most popular folk art in Karnataka. It is an art form which is respected and appreciated by the people because of its bond with their culture.

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Being a popular art form that can reach the people, the Department of Information and Public Relations has planned to utilise the services of Yakshagana to raise awareness among people about the importance of voting in the coming Gram panchayat elections on the 22nd and 27th of December in the district. They have planned to use other folklore art forms as well.

Artistes of Subrahmanya Yakshagana Kalamandali have been spreading awareness and knowledge about polling in several villages in the district of Udupi. They are spreading awareness about electing capable candidates who can address their problems and find solutions. They are also spreading awareness about the problems that can come if unfit candidates are elected. 

Folk songs have also been used for this awareness. The members of Gana Lahari Balaga, Koteshwar have been alerting the people about the voting through folk songs.

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