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Recreational Clubs To Restart From October 19

Are you tired of sitting at home for more than 6 months? Do you wish to visit your clubs to rid yourself of the boredom? Worry not.  Members of recreational clubs in Dakshina Kannada can start going to these places after October 19. Owners of the clubs are taking all precautions to reopen business on the aforementioned date.

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On October 1, the state government issued permission to allow around 50 clubs that fall under the umbrella of Kudla Recreational Club Members Association to reopen while following the Covid-19 guidelines set for unlock 5.0. These clubs have started renewing their memberships to restart their services. 

Mohan Das Rai who is the legal advisor of the Association office bearers mentioned that the clubs will cater to their members using indoor and outdoor activities. The clubs have been permitted to restart business following Covid-19 protocol. They have also been asked to adhere to certain conditions like avoidance of Gambling. 

Under the city police commissioner vide order (COP/MAG/350/2014-15) which is dated October 29, 2014 under the Licensing and Controlling of Places of Public Entertainment and Public Amusement Order, 2014 has mentioned that there is no need for registered clubs to get any separate permission. A writ petition has been filed to the High court by the clubs to have no interference from the police with regard to legal indoor activities of the clubs. 

As there are a few clubs who may be conducting illegal activities within their premises, in order to shut them down, police are also directing legal clubs to stop their services. In order to prevent this, the Association along with their president, Prakash Chandra Rai met with Praveen B. Nayak who is the deputy registrar of cooperative societies has been given the permission to restart their services. 

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