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Roopa Pai to Grace the Grand Finale of Mangalore Literature and Art Festival

The Mangalore Literature and Art Festival, which commenced on October 21, is poised for its culminating segment, with noted author Roopa Pai as the finale speaker. The week-long festivity, celebrating the harmonious confluence of literature, culture, scientific and artistic brilliance, has witnessed participation from eminent authors, poets, artists, educators, and luminaries in the Kannada literary domain.

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Acclaimed author Jerry Pinto opened the festival. Several literary stalwarts including Nandita Jayaraj, David Rosario, Poorva Agarwal, Meenakshi Ramachandra, Ravindra Nayak, Raghu Idkidu, Vineeth Kumar, and Rakesh Bhandary have graced the festival with their invaluable insights. The attendees have been treated to enlightening talks, soulful poetic recitations, spirited panel discussions and art and music exhibitions throughout the week.

The festival’s concluding session at 4:00 PM is slated to feature Roopa Pai, a celebrated figure in Indian children’s literature. Her seminal works such as the ‘Taranauts’ series, ‘The Gita For Children’, and ‘Ready! 99 Must-Have Skills For The World-Conquering Teenager (And Almost-Teenager)’ have garnered admiration from young readers across the nation. Furthermore, her TEDx presentation, ‘Decoding The Gita, India’s Book Of Answers’, has achieved commendable recognition, amassing over two million views.

The evening is set to unfold a series of events, encompassing the announcement of the “Gift a Story” initiative’s winners, wherein elders are encouraged to pass on their narratives to the younger generation. A book fair with diverse books for sale has been organised in campus. Additionally, the Mangalore-based theatre troupe, Kalabhi, is slated to present a theatre performance, augmenting the festival with dramatic flair. The District Commissioner of Mangalore, Mr. Mullai Muhilan will conduct the prize distribution that rewards the best stories and narration’s. 

Presented by ELC (Early Learning Centre) and CFAL (Centre For Advanced Learning), the Mangalore Literature and Art Festival underscores the profound resonance of literature, the intrinsic value of storytelling, and the importance of upholding our literary and scientific traditions. 

The Learning Centre was established to nurture scientific enquiry and thinking in students and consistently strives to enable the best potential in children. 

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