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Sandes – A quick messaging app for government employees.

Under the initiation of  Government of India, the National Informatics Centre (NIC)  has launched an instant messenger application for the benefit of government employees. This application has been named as the ‘Sandes’. Earlier the Government employees used the Government Instant Messaging System (GIMS). Now this GIMS has been upgraded to Sandes. Sandes is not yet available to the public in play store, instead the APK file for androids and iOS users is available for download in NIC website. Any individual with a government ID can access the Sandes app.

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All can access this app by downloading this app and signing up via the government email ID or the contact number. For individuals signing up with their government email ID, only after the process of verification one can start messaging or receiving messages. Sandes works just like WhatsApp with respect to messaging, images, videos, voice messages sharing and creating groups. Users have a benefit of setting up their profile pictures and updating their status. 

All government officials can use this app with the Android of 5.0 and above. The iphone, ipad and ipod touch users also have access to this app provided they have iOS 12.0 or above. 

Though the government is asking its employees to use  GIMS or Sandes as of now, there isn’t any report on its availability for all in future. 

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