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Schools To Provide Fee Concessions

When 2020 came around, it brought with itself an unprecedented virus that soon turned the lives of people upside down. One such major shift was seen in the educational sector where physical classes were a thing of the past and online classes became the norm. Due to this situation, many students did not use the infrastructural services provided y schools, and neither did they avail of any other service that may require them to be present physically, to use. With all such matters in mind, it is only natural that schools consider fee concessions after having re-checked their expenditure and cutting out areas of transportation and special development fees.

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Additionally, to discuss the same, The Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools of Karnataka has communicated to its member schools. The General Secretary of the association Shashi Kumar pointed out areas in which schools actually cut the students some slack regarding fee payment. 

However, while many schools have agreed to the suggested fee concessions, not every school body has been willing to do so. The association has issued an advisory against schools charging their students will full fee payment. Moreover, a few groups of parents have come together and protested against a specific school in the city of Bangalore that has been charging full fees from its students and also claimed that the school had blocked all access to online classes to students who had failed to pay the fee amount in full. The aforementioned report was issued by the association in view of complaints arising about schools charging the full fee amount in troubling times such as these. 

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