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Scrap KSRTC Bus To Be Transformed Into Smart Class

Hearing of artist Prashanth Achar’s love for KSRTC and Airavat buses that lead him to make small models of the same using foam sheet, the state transport minister Laxman Savadi invited the artist to Bengaluru with the intent of honoring him. On his visit to the minister, Prashanth made a unique request of being allowed to begin taking classes for kindergarten students in any old KSRTC bus that could be provided by the minister. As a scrap KSRTC bus was brought to the Bagwadi government higher primary school on the 3rd of December, it seems that Prashanth’s dream will soon turn into reality. The classes will of course begin only in the aftermath of the pandemic and will not be conducted while the pandemic rages in the streets.

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The school was established almost a century ago and has a strength of 85 students. Prashanth along with his brother Prakash Achar plan on transforming the scrap bus in ways that will facilitate the conduction of audio-visual classes for students from kindergarten through seventh grade for at least an hour a day. After evaluating this distinctive plan of the Achar brothers, the transport minister assured them of starting the same in every other government school if this one project of theirs turns out to be successful. Headmistress of the Bagwadi government higher primary school Ms. Shailaja alongside various other colleagues has expressed their delight in the fact that the Achar brothers have come up with such innovative ideas. 

The entire bus will be transformed to be made into an effective classroom for audio-visual teaching which will also be child-friendly. The existing seats inside the bus will be removed and new seats will be installed in a way that makes it comfortable for students to view the screen. A brand new projector will also be installed inside the bus. The lights and fans inside the bus will be run using renewable energy sources provided by solar panels. The achar brothers also have dreams of including a laboratory albeit small at the back of the bus. This creative venture by the Achar brothers will not only be a sort of recycling of the scrap bus but will also increase the quality of education provided to young students while simultaneously fuelling their interests in studying.

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