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Second Dose of Covid Vaccine ready for administration in Dakshina Kannada

Since the administration of the first dose of covid vaccine on January 16th, the coastal district of Dakshina Kannada is all set for the second dose of covidshield. Even though our district is ready for the second dose, the state government has asked the districts to hold back for two more days, since the union government has not yet issued the related guidelines.

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The district RCH officer said in the reports that the district is well prepared for the second dose administration drive and noted on who has to receive the first. The dosage must be administered before 12 weeks, that is anytime after four weeks after the first dosage.Now the district is waiting for the green signal from the government.

Till date Dakshina Kannada has achieved 51.5% of target in the Covid-19 vaccination drive. The district has planned to administer Covishield to 52,381 people, including doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and others in the healthcare sector. The 26,988 (51.5%) out of 52,381 beneficiaries have just been vaccinated with the first dose of  the vaccine this Friday. 

Apart from the health care workers the government employees from revenue, police, panchayat and urban local bodies are in the plan of phase 2 of this drive with the total beneficiaries being upto 8,568. Among this count 2,763 (32.2%)  have received the vaccine so far, as per the district RCH officer. 

As far as the statistics are concerned 78 healthcare workers and 386 from the government sector have received vaccination, this Friday. From the total of 52,381 beneficiaries from the healthcare sector, 10,212 are from government hospitals and 42,169 from the private sector. 

Ultimately Dakshina Kannada is all set to curb the Covid-19 with organised vaccination drives. 

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