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Sheryl Jyothi Cornelio listed as part of India’s ‘100 Great People Managers

Her father, says Sheryl Jyothi Cornelio, inspired her to become who she is today. He always insisted that when one is at a position of at least a little power, it means that they have to give it their all to take care of their subordinates.

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Forbes India has placed Sheryl Jyothi Cornelio in the list of India’s ‘100 Great People Managers’. In June 2018, Cornelio joined as the deputy director, department of nursing at the Dr.  L H Hiranandani hospital. In her 13 years of service, she has managed over 250 nurses. 

Even when life decided to let her contract the Coronavirus, she wasn’t one to let that break her spirit. After her 14 days of quarantine, she was back  in the hospital to resume her duties. 

Cornelio’s hometown is Udupi and she has graduated from Manipal School of Nursing with MSc, MPhil in Nursing. She is the daughter of  Thomas and Emelia Cornelio. Her husband is Alfred D’souza and they have two children named Lyena and Liesel respectively. Presently, she is living in Mumbai. 

When the pandemic broke out, her duties had increased not only in terms of elevated patients, she also had to instill confidence and reduce the fear of her team. She was a leader by example and she explained that the nurses looked like soldiers armed for war, only that their enemy was the disease, while their weapon, their selfless service  and their uniforms, PPE kits. 

Her regular counselling sessions and interactive nature with her team of nurses motivate them. Cornelio makes an effort to visit them even at their residences so that they feel confident in her and know that someone is looking out for them. Even when a few members in her team contracted the virus, she made sure they got the best of facilities just like the patients do by checking on them frequently. Even when they were short staffed when many nurses resigned due to pandemic panic, she worked with the skeletal team in order to do work well. 

All her colleagues consider her in high regard. They appreciate her dedication to her work. Many believe that she is an asset to the organisation she is placed in as she gives in her best and provides optimal care to patients. Developmental programmes that she conducts for the team keeps them active, interested and helps them become better at what they do. And Cornelio says that it is her team that actively involves in finding solutions to problems. Thus their bond gets stronger with each passing day. 

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