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Smart City project to be completed by round-the-clock work

As per the Deputy commissioner of the district the already closed down public road works are directed to be carried out over the night, employing more workers to avoid any chaos to the public. These instructions are given to the Mangalore Smart City Ltd. (MSCL), the authority incharge for this programme. The best outcome, with meagre trouble to the citizens must be the aim to complete this work at the earliest.

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After the stay by the high court on the Mangaluru Smart City project, the DC of the district, Dr. Rajendra informed the authorities on chairing the review meeting on the same to complete the Smart City project before the onset of monsoon. 

Multiple activities are taking place in the city simultaneously like- MSCL, Gail Gas etc. need to work in coordination in order to execute the work in the shortest time span and public inconvenience, yet with quality outcome. Apart from this the agencies incharge must restore the decorum of the work site, clearing the debris, pipes and other construction material dumped on site. 

Stating on the travel inconvenience, the DC has instructed the police to divert the vehicles and make alternatives to reduce the traffic jams owing to the Smart City projects. Also if the police are aware of the stop of the construction work by the contractor for more than two days, it should be brought to the notice of the district administration at the earliest. 

The Mayor of the MCC also has asked the MSCL to use the services of junior engineers of the Corporation to complete the work at the quickest. This is to ensure completion of the work prior to onset of monsoon, orelse the residents and the commercial establishments of the area will have to go through an ordeal. The ongoing underground drainage works will be set as the priority to be completed before monsoon as told by the mayor.

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