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SOPs for Reopening of Pre University Colleges

A circular regarding the Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) to reopening second year pre university colleges has been sent by the DIrectorate of Pre University Education. In addition to earlier guidelines made by the government,  the new SOPs need to be followed as well. In order that the rules are followed efficiently, students, teachers and staff have been made aware of the same. Coordinating with local medical staff, teachers and people is the responsibility of the Principal of the college. The colleges have to report to the District Deputy Director regarding the implementation of safety measures.

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Guidelines that need to be followed before reopening of college:

  1. Usage of 1% Sodium hypochlorite solution to sanitise classrooms, laboratories and other places in the premises. 
  2. In the event that the college has been used as Covid-19 centres, sanitisation has to be done more than once and other guidelines by the government regarding the same needs to be followed. 
  3. Students can only be allowed entry to the college only if they are willing voluntarily and they have a consent letter as well as a COVID symptoms negative certificate  from their parents.
  4. Biometric attendance needs to substitute the manual attendance system. 
  5. Premises outside the college need to be demarcated in a distance of 6 feet each to denote that students need to follow the same. Gathering of students in the library, meal room, staff room, principal’s room and college office are also prohibited. 
  • Maintenance of social distance even outside the college needs to be followed by teachers and the students premises.
  • Banning of groups prayers, sports and other activities. 
  • Notice boards and other places should display telephone numbers of helplines and other health centres.
  • If there are  any swimming pools in the college premises it should not be used and are to remain closed completely.

Compulsory measures to be followed while in college are as follows:

  • Keeping 6 feet distance wherever one is
  • Wearing masks
  • Washing hands after every 40-60 seconds
  • While sneezing or coughing, making sure that one uses a handkerchief or tissue and disposes of them immediately. It is also advised to hold one’s elbow against their mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing. 
  • It is banned to spit in public
  • Use of Aarogya Setu app is also advised. 

After reopening of the colleges:

  • Entrances and exit polls to the college are to be provided with Hand sanitizers and thermal scanning should be kept at the..
  • In order to  aid  college funds or sponsorship from people or organizations entrance to the college, hand sanitizers and thermal guns should be bought as per KTPP rules .
  • Every day, four periods of 45 minutes each should be held.
  • Student Attendance should not be made mandatory.
  • A classroom can accommodate 15 students. And only them, teachers and staff should be allowed entry into the college. If anyone shows symptoms, the nearest health care centre needs to be informed. 
  •  A fixed time table for laboratories needs to be set and all equipment, corridors, doors, vehicles, toilets etc  needs to be cleaned immediately afterwards with 1% sodium hypochlorite solution. .

If anyone is found to be Covid -19 symptoms. 

  • Isolation of person and informing necessary guardians. 
  • Mask to be kept on till the reach nearest health centre. 
  • State and nearest medical facilities need to be informed about this condition.  
  • Undertake necessary remedies
  • Sanitize premise immediately. 
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