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Stray Animal Caretaker Rajani Shetty Assaulted by Neighbor Over Animal Welfare Dispute

In a shocking incident that unfolded on Monday, July 3, renowned stray animal caretaker and rescuer, Rajani Shetty, was physically assaulted by her neighbor, Manjula Shetty. Rajani sustained injuries after being hit by a stone thrown by Manjula, prompting her to take legal action and file a formal complaint against her neighbor.

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Rajani Shetty, well-known in the community for her tireless efforts in caring for stray animals, spoke out about the ongoing conflict with her neighbor, shedding light on the motivation behind the attack. According to Rajani, the altercation was fueled by a long-standing disagreement between the two parties. Manjula has repeatedly expressed discontent over Rajani’s practice of looking after dogs in her own home, which has persisted for the past two years.

Aside from the issue with stray animals, Manjula also voiced objections regarding the usage of corporation water by Rajani. This disagreement has further fueled the tension between the two neighbors, with Rajani recounting threats made by Manjula, including plans to poison all of Rajani’s beloved dogs and even to end her own life.

Rajani, known for her patience and willingness to maintain peace, had chosen to remain silent and endure the ongoing dispute for several years. However, the assault on Monday crossed a line, prompting her to take legal action against her neighbor. The stone thrown by Manjula resulted in injuries to Rajani, further emphasizing the severity of the incident.

Rajani Shetty has resolved to file a complaint against Manjula, seeking legal recourse for the assault and the continuous harassment she has faced over the years. By doing so, she aims to bring attention to the issue, not only to protect herself but also to advocate for the welfare of stray animals under her care.


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