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Substance Abuse Centre, BARC To Aid Those Addicted To Drugs And Alcohol

Born Again Recovery Centre (BARC) is an organisation that aims to help those who are affected by ill effects of drugs to overcome its power on them. A couple based in Mangalore has started BARC in Paldane. What is special about this organisation is that one of the founding members has been a victim of drug abuse and their story that can attempt to help rehabilitate people. The organisation is a place that is free of alcohol and drugs for those interested in changing their dependence towards them.

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The founding members of the institution are Guru and Beena Saldanha. They believe that their centre is unique as compared to other institutions of similar nature. BARC has facilities for 15 people to stay at their institution. Those interested in joining them have to be above the age of 18 who are provided with supervised drugs and alcohol free residences. In addition to this, they are provided with a support system of people as that is very important for those people with addiction to have people to lean on their days of recovery. 

Those who take an admission in BARC are not just confined to their rooms, they are allowed to breathe the fresh air of their surroundings all within the premises, all with the best of facilities. Doctors who are certified in this field are present to provide necessary service to those admitted and to help them recover soon. Individual and family counselling is also part of the treatment. The centre believes that when a person is addicted to substances, there is not just individual consequences, in fact, the family suffers along with them. Thus counselling is necessary for the family as well. With treatment provided, they are also helped to cultivate skills that would help them fair well in the society after their recovery. 

A 12 step programme is what will help individuals recover. Guru Saldanha who was also once a victim of substance abuse was of the opinion that these steps are unique processes that are utilized to help.  These abstinence steps are devised in such a way that they incorporated with yoga, meditation, recovery related outputs and medical expertise.

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