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Summer Season Brings Fluctuating Prices in Vegetable and Fruit Markets

The summer season has led to fluctuating prices of vegetables and fruits in the market. Green peas have seen a significant increase from Rs 90 to Rs 120, while beans have gone up from Rs 80 to Rs 90. Tomato and onion prices have decreased, with tomato being sold for Rs 30 and onion prices stabilizing at Rs 30. Other prices that have remained stable include okra at Rs 55, cabbage at Rs 20, cauliflower at Rs 40, potato at Rs 25, beetroot at Rs 30, pumpkin at Rs 30, cucumber at Rs 20, aubergine at Rs 25, Capsicum at Rs 70, and gherkins at Rs 70. Leafy vegetables have gone up, with spinach now sold at Rs 15, red spinach at Rs 12, and bay leaves at Rs 12.

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Fruit prices have also increased, with watermelon now available at Rs 25 and papaya at Rs 50. Banana is sold at Rs 85 to 90, apple at Rs 200 to 250, Musambi at Rs 100, orange at Rs 70, Chiku at Rs 70, pomegranate at Rs 200, green grapes at Rs 70, and black grapes at Rs 120.

The price of chicken with skin is now sold at Rs 210 per kilo, and without skin, it is available for Rs 230. Mutton has gone up from Rs 700 to Rs 800 per kilo. Consumers should be aware of these price changes when shopping for groceries during the summer season.

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