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The Jai Tulunadu Organisation – Preserving Everything That Is Tulu

The Jai Tulunadu Organisation is a pro-Tulu organization of Tulu people who strive for the Tulu Lipi to be brought back to vogue. Their main aim as of now is to ensure that the richness of the culture of Tulu Nadu is not forgotten and remains in the modern world. The organization started in 2014 and has proudly completed six years of establishment today. The organization has been pushing for the inclusion of the Tulu language in article 8 acknowledging it as one of the official languages in both Karnataka and Kerala.

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The organization conducts “Tulu Script Board Challenge” in which everything from the organization name to banners, posters, invitations, letters and other details are written in Tulu script and language. The group is also known for holding educational programs. A good example of this is the initiative by the name “Bale Tulu Lipi Kalpuga” where the Tulu script is taught free of cost to all those who want to learn the script. As of now, the organization has taught over 2000 people through this initiative. This is a voluntary service by the organization with nothing but the spreading of knowledge about the Tulu script in mind. Kudla, Odipu, Kapu, Bantwal, Suliya in collaboration with the Karnataka Tulu Literary Academy and various Sangh organizations, have also been conducting free Tulu Lipi classes. 

In this globalized world where we all knowingly or unknowingly move away from our roots and the culture of our homes and move towards the so-called modernity of the city where we temporarily forget our roots, The Jai Tulunadu Organisation is ensuring that we don’t forget where we came from because one’s mother tongue regardless of whether it is considered official or not will always be a part of their identity. Not only is it an integral part of cultural identity but it is also an integral part of who we are. Therefore, such languages cannot be forgotten. Thus we must do everything in our power to ensure that throughout the years to come and through each new generation, this wealth of knowledge is passed along and preserved.  


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