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The Personification of Unity in Diversity

It is not everyday that we see a child holding up mother India’s flag while also wearing a costume that encompasses the three major religions in India. This picture, of this bright little child, is the personification of unity in diversity. It speaks volumes about how even though we as a country are divided between our genders, castes, religions and beliefs, our hearts belong to our country thereby unifying us even in the most trying times. 

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Primarily this photograph,has captured patriotism in all its glory. The small child represents each one of us regardless of our faith and shows how a difference in religion and core beliefs need not make people sworn enemies. By simply putting together symbols of each of these religions, the photographer has embodied the fact that there is hope for harmony in a country whose people are extremely diverse. 


More often than not, pictures speak volumes and is the manifestation of the ideas that lie in the photographer’s mind. The visual medium helps one communicate very clearly and directly thereby ensuring that whatever message was intended to be passed on to the viewers reaches them. Let us take a closer look into the man who came up with this brilliant idea to represent the patriotic minds of a diverse India. 

Little did Pavan Shetty know that when an uncle gifted him a digital camera in eighth grade, his love for photography would be born. Soon he began capturing various insects that visited his house hence laying the foundations for his passion for photography. With the scaffolding provided by both friends and family, Pavan made up his mind to pursue photography in all its glory hopefully in the near future. His love for photography was rooted in the fact that beauty could be captured for eternity with just a click. How fascinating, to have that kind of power over fleeting moments, to take them out of the spectrum of time and be able to frame them for years to come. Photography has taken him on a journey to find true happiness. 

Just like any other art form, photography too does not wish to achieve perfection. Shetty told Mangalore Meri Jaan about how there is no perfect picture and that over analysis can make any good picture suddenly look bad. It is all about the emotions and feelings attached to what is captured that makes the picture all the more beautiful. Finally, he notes, it’s important to have love towards the art of photography in order to really excel at it. Along with love for your line of work, one will also need to have the patience needed to get the best pictures during any shoot. All in all, this budding photographer has a lot of talent that the world is yet to see. 

Team Mangalore Meri Jaan, thanks him for the wonderful pictures that he has gifted us on this Independence day, reminding us that no matter how many lines of division there may exist in our society, at the end of the day we are all proud Indians and countrymen, both by heart and by blood. 

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