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Students must write exams! No perks of corona

On Friday, January 21, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education confirmed that, unlike last year, there would be no corona-based exemptions for children from taking the SSLC tests, and no promotions would be given due to the disease’s prevalence. This time around, all students will take the SSLC exam.

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In response to the fact that students were promoted without tests last year due to the COVID pandemic, the minister stated that the situation was different during the previous academic year when students and schools were dealing with severe COVID challenges. He believes that if the same facility were extended this year, students would lack interest in studying and that such a move would set a bad trend.

Exams for the SSLC will be held from the final week of March to the 11th of April. The majority of the state’s schools have completed 70% of the curriculum. The coronavirus pandemic is expected to be significantly reduced by the end of February or the beginning of March. Appointments will be made for the 2022–2023 academic year.

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